The New Nashville

A name synonymous with entertainment, Music City has entered the spirited orbit of a new downtown imbued with sophistication and upscale experiences.

Forever the standard-bearer for Southern hospitality, Nashville has become a fresh and irresistible draw for some of the most dynamic names in the business world. Among them are Amazon, Oracle, Accenture, and FedEx and, Four Seasons. Meanwhile, a burgeoning foodie scene has seen more than 80 bars and restaurants open their doors in just one year. Butch Spyridon, CEO of the Nashville Convention and Visitors Corp, describes the phenomenon as “…a very diverse and growing upscale audience that has caught on to the dining and cultural scene here”. It only stands to reason that the fusion of the city’s legendary status as an entertainment destination and its shining dynamism are creating America’s premier event center.

Green Spaces & Living

Nashville is one of the greenest cities in North America, with more than 13,000 acres of parkland for its citizens to enjoy. Centennial Park, home to the Parthenon, may be its most famous but there are so many more spaces to explore, including the new 6.5 acre riverside Cumberland Park, right on the doorstep of Four Seasons. Beyond the city boundaries lie mile upon mile of trails, from nearby Radnor Lake to the 9,000 acre Walls of Jericho a couple of hours away.

Music & Entertainment

Music is the beating heart of Nashville. From country to classical, indie to dance, the beats pour out of the city’s bars, clubs and concert halls. The Schermerhorn Symphony Center is the home of the Nashville Symphony; the Ryman, only a few blocks from Four Seasons Private Residences Nashville, is where bluegrass was born and remains one of the city’s hottest music venues. And at any point on Broadway you could be seeing the next superstar strapping on their guitar and sliding up to the mic. There is no city on earth where you’ll find as much musical talent concentrated in one area; from the big venues to the hidden gems that just the locals know about, live music lives here.

Culture & Education

Nashville’s reputation as a place of arts and culture has grown far beyond the city limits. The celebrated Frist Art Museum plays host to international exhibitions of works by established masters and contemporary artists. Independent galleries showcase cutting-edge work and the city’s theaters host everything from ballet to avant-garde productions. The city has become a thriving creative hub, especially in technology, fashion and visual arts, while its universities produce graduates in demand all over the world.

Food & Drink

Nashville is an American foodie hotspot. Fans of Southern cooking can find countless traditional joints across the city like Music City Chicken tucked away on 2nd Avenue. There’s also a food revolution underway in global cuisine exemplified by the kitchens of Tansuo and Bar Otaku and chefs like Josh Habiger and Philip Krajeck. When it comes to the cocktail scene, Nashville has few rivals. There’s the Rooftop Lounge at the Bobby Hotel with a Greyhound bus for seating and…igloos in the winter! The Sunshine Lounge at Hampton Social and blink-and-you’ll-miss-it treasures like Atta Boy in East Nashville.


The youthful energy here has invigorated the city’s retail scene. Nashville folks aren’t afraid to flaunt their own unique style and there are countless boutiques across the city ready to dress them up or down. In 12South, independents like Emerson Grace, White’s Mercantile and Imogene + Willie sell more than clothes, they offer a philosophy for living. Over in Germantown, try Wilder for a curated collection of designer furniture, or closer to your Four Seasons home, The Gulch has a wide selection of name brands and independents.